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Due to rapidly growing population in recent decades has resulted in huge reduction of the arable land for agriculture. This situation is worsened by the climate changes that resulted to the crop failure in many countries of the world. This condition is jeopardizing the world food security and becomes our biggest challenge that we will be facing. Based on data from FAO, approximately 800 million people worldwide are suffering from severe malnutrition.

Because of the above circumstances, our company is called to respond to the challenge of the global food security, which is in line with the vision of our company to be the main food producer of the world to provide affordable food supply for multitudes of people in the world.

Our company thus far has established strong partnerships with world class financial institutions, integrated agribusiness experts, major equipment manufacturers, and educational institutions. These partnerships allow us to innovate continuously and strive towards excellence in every aspect of our operations for sustainable and integrated food estate. We also have strong initiative to bring benefits and positive values in every aspects of our existence.